“OBJECTS ARE BY is a future-conscious homeware brand + studio.”

About the brand

"We believe in the transformative power of creative freedom and playing outside of our comfort zones with collaborators"

OBJECTS ARE BY's future-conscious philosophy is embodied in actions which aim to preserve, actively shape, and welcome the future.

OBJECTS ARE BY acts as a creative platform championing creatives and brands to explore new ways of expression. Every collaborator hails from diverse disciplines expressing themselves through the lens of homeware objects, providing an avenue to challenge themselves to work outside of their comfort zone. The objects are produced by top craftsmen around the world.

Design is the catalyst. The unknown is the muse.

The Founders

OBJECTS ARE BY was founded in 2022 in Milan, Italy. It is an ongoing collaboration between California-born artist and creative director Phil America and Munich-born brand builder and luxury fashion marketer Jenny D. Pham. Inspired by their background, they flirt with the intersections of art, design, fashion bringing it together with ongoing collaborations with creatives and brands.

Two People